Tuesday, 6 May 2014

IMATS Opportunity - Please Vote!

Last month Crown Brush, (who have been manufacturing the highest of quality makeup brushes, at affordable prices for over 20 years) launched a big competition. An opportunity for a makeup artist to assist their head of makeup (Zoe Newlove,) on the Crown Brush stand at this year's London IMATS. For anyone who doesn't know, IMATS stands for International Makeup Arist Trade Show and is a pretty big deal in the makeup world, popping up in Vancouver, Sydney, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London! 

This was the entry I submitted and incredibly I have been selected as one of the 5 makeup artists who have been short listed to assist Zoe in June. Now, they've put the final 5 up for public voting, which is where I need your help! The other makeup artists nominated have an amazing portfolio work, so I'm up against some really beautiful and tough competition, which is why I'd love it if you could spare a moment to vote for me!

To vote, you need to have some form of social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) then you can go onto the Crown Brush account and comment with my name 'Emily Eva Alice' if you like my entry enough to vote! I've posted the links below to the Crown Brush Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, which will take you straight to the voting pages.

Vote on Facebook

Vote on Twitter

Vote on Instagram

Thank you to anyone who votes for me, it is an incredible opportunity and I am so happy to have just been short listed!

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  1. Nominated you!! Good luck and I really hope you win xx

    1. Thank you so much for voting for me Bethany! Unfortunately I didn't win, but it was amazing to be short listed along with such amazing makeup artists already in the industry!