Friday, 7 February 2014

Illamasqua Nails! Rare!

Recently Illamasqua had a £5, £10 and £7.50 sale on their site. I managed to purchase a few things and one of these, was a beautiful, bright, yellow nail varnish in the colour 'Rare!' It looks bright in the bottle, but after putting on about 3 coats of the varnish on my nails, it did look a lot brighter than in the bottle, almost neon! Even the postman said, "Those are bright nails today! No one will miss you in those love!" Haha!

Just so you can get an idea of how bright this nail polish is, if you've ever drunk Mountain Dew, or seen the Mountain Dew bottle on a shelf in the supermarket, it is very bright and almost neon itself... you can't miss it, the varnish is comparable to that bottle!
The satin finish of the varnish gives it a smooth and slightly shiny look, which I love. I much prefer the satin finish to a matte finish. Overall it is a luxurious polish and the texture of it is very smooth, as is the application, but you wouldn't expect anything less from this wonderful brand! You can shop the Illamasqua Rare polish *here* on the site for £14.50 and if you fancy a wander round the rest of the site, I fully recommend it. They are an extremely high quality brand, with really pigmented eye shadows, a wonderful variety of pigmented lipsticks and beautifully coloured lip glosses. I am really pleased with my purchases and definitely keep an eye out for Illamasqua's sales because you'll get a wonderful product for a bargain price! You won't be disappointed! 

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